Community Engagement Policy


"Acres Group of Companies recognizes the importance of engaging communities that are located in areas where we complete project work.


I believe we have a social responsibility to recognize opportunities to develop working relationships with First Nations communities, local businesses, labour resources and community leaders. We are committed to ensuring that territorial rights holders, local economies and residents are positively influenced by our efforts."

Jason Paige, President



Acres are proud sponsors of Kamloops Minor Baseball Association's Mosquito AAA RiverDogs. 





Acres recognizes the value that local resources, subcontractors, suppliers and the general business community can bring to projects. As a contractor who understand the importance of 'buying local' we recognize that there are opportunities to bring long term benefit to the regions that we are working in. From investing project dollars through the employment and training of local resources, supporting "return to work programs" such as Work BC and awarding subcontractor and supplier agreements to experienced and knowledgeable local businesses we can achieve mutual success with each project that we complete.


First Nations


It is our responsibility to make every reasonable effort to engage those with traditional rights over the land on which we work. Not only does this make sense if we aim to be socially responsible, but it can, and should, be a mutually beneficial relationship from an economic perspective as well.


For our partners this means revenue for the communities, jobs and training for their members, and a stronger voice when speaking to industry; for Acres it means better access to a local work force and the ability to add more value for our clients; for our clients it creates a solid solution by combining Acres’ unique construction expertise with the voice of local rights holders. At Acres we are deeply committed to this belief as it is more than just a good idea, it is part of the core values that drives every one of us to success.”