Kelowna Gyro Forcemain


In a collaborative team approach with the city of Kelowna and consultants (All North), we decided to delay mobilize at the start of the project due to weather. For the final complex and detailed tie-in planning, the team decided to delay the planned date for this high risk activity a couple weeks, to a date and time Kelowna’s operations and All North consultants indicated to be most suitable for their operations and infrastructure flow rates. We were able to maintain flexibility and utilize the additional crew members on another Kelowna project at the landfill, meanwhile supporting the acceleration of that project schedule. The technical tie-in was completed successfully, with minor unforeseen conditions occurring in which our experienced crew and certified experienced welder were able to react, mitigate and problem solve to overcome the obstacles safely and effectively.

Planned Schedule / Duration:
February 17 2020- July 03, 2020
(5.5 months)

Actual Schedule / Duration:
February 26 – July 28 2020
(6 months)

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