Safe Production Milestone For Acres

Acres Enterprises Ltd. Is proud to announce that we have reached the prestigious milestone of 1 million hours worked without a lost time incident (LTI).

This rate is among the industry’s best and contributes to our goal of reducing workplace injuries, while continuously improving employee health and safety. Every day, we strive to provide a safe environment for our staff who work tirelessly to enhance the communities in which we live.

Acres’ Owner and President, Jason Paige, says we wouldn’t be at this milestone if it weren’t for the commitment of our team members.

“This achievement is no small feat and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each and every employee. I would like to sincerely thank the entire team for their commitment, this wouldn’t be possible without your efforts.  Everyone in the organization should be extremely proud of themselves for hitting this milestone. it’s proof that we are dedicated to the Acres safety program. We don’t just run through the motions here; we have a culture of health and safety that everyone in our organization believes in.”

Acres has a diverse crew of civil, industrial, and general contracting which means that we are always navigating different situations and handling them in a safe and efficient manner.

“Our team has encountered a lot of challenges in the past few years, from fires to floods, extreme heat and the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the hurdles, we remain consistent in our values and pursuit of safe production, without sacrificing quality.”

Acres’ Health, Safety, and Environment Advisor, Tammy Olsen says to reach a goal like this is very significant.

“Even a word like ‘outstanding’ doesn’t provide the justice or recognition this achievement deserves!  I have been in health and safety for almost 25 years and have worked for several larger organizations throughout western Canada that have never achieved this goal. This achievement is personal to me, and really makes me so very proud of my team and all their support and dedication for a safer workplace possible! Anyone can talk safety- its what’s practiced and believed that truly reflects this remarkable achievement!”

Acres’ safety culture and core values – ambitious, competent, respectful, engaged, and supportive – are instilled into each employee, which supports safety initiatives and makes achievements like this possible. Through programs such as SPC (Safety Production Cards), we identify and rectify potential hazards that could occur. This proactive approach means that safety is always top of mind.

Clifford Kshyk, CEO of the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA), says that this achievement is a reflection of the dedication to safety that Acres adheres to.

“SICA fosters safety in the construction industry through various channels. It is both exciting and inspirational for a SICA member to achieve the milestone of one million hours without a lost time incident. Acres exemplary measures in creating a safe work environment is a benchmark that all industry members should continually strive for. Congratulations on your remarkable safety culture.”

Acres Enterprises Ltd. is continuously working to improve our safety program to ensure our employees are healthy and safe. To learn more about safe production at Acres, click here!

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