What makes a great hire at Acres?

Acres Enterprises is rapidly growing and looking to add to its talented team of diversified, tech-savvy, construction professionals!

Acres’ Human Resources Advisor, Hayley Dean is often the first person you’ll meet when you join the team. As the lead of recruitment, she has the opportunity to connect with interested applicants and new hires. From her experience, she’s learned that someone who is professionally motivated to be a part of the Acres difference makes a great hire.

“Motivation plays a major factor on how well we perform in our roles in our personal and professional lives and will affect not only the personnel’s performance, but the Acres team as a whole. In order for the applicant to be motivated on a professional level, they need to fit the vision and culture of Acres. At Acres, our values aren’t just a plaque on the wall, and we need to ensure that the values of the person we are bringing onboard aren’t just words written on their resume. By aligning values, goals, expectations, and attitudes you truly see a group of high performing construction professionals achieving success.”

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